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J. K. Wright and Rogers, A., They shot, he scored : the life and music of Eldon Rathburn /. Canada: Montreal ;, 2019, p. 1 online resource.
J. K. Wright and Rogers, A., They shot, he scored : the life and music of Eldon Rathburn /. Canada: Montreal ;, 2019, p. 1 online resource.
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Ahâk! ahâk! : moraviamiut tutsiagusingit labradorimi inuit = Moravian music of the Labrador Inuit. Canada: [St. John's, NL] :, 2018, p. 62 pages, 1 unnumbered page :.
M. Akutagawa, Akutagawa yasushi : shōwa o ikinuita daisakkyokuka /. Japan: Tōkyō : Yamahamyūjikkuentateinmentohōrudingusu,, 2018, p. 111 pages ;.
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J. Mather, Backstage passes : the untold story of New Zealand's live music venues, 1960-1990. London : Sydney ; Auckland: New Holland, 2018, p. 192.
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L. Nimmo, Blame it on Abba : how I ditched my day job to chase a childhood dream. New Zealand : Graphetti Publishing, 2018, p. 247 pages : illustrations.
S. MacInnes, Buddy MacMaster : the Judique fiddler /. Canada: [Wreck Cove, Nova Scotia] :, 2018, pp. ix, 11-192 pages :.