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P. Babić, Opera Zrinyi Augusta Abramovića Adelburga, in Odjeci bitke kod Sigeta i mita o Nikoli Šubiću Zrinskom u umjetnosti = The Impact of the Battle of Szigetvár and the Myth of Nikola Šubić Zrinjski on the Arts (Music, Visual Arts, Literature), Zagreb, 2018.
R. W. Bacon, Vintage from vinyl : early recordings of the Goodtime Ragtime Vaudeville Revival : presenting a panorama of musical Americana, a collection of music & song from the ragtime, jazz, and vaudeville years! : jug band, string band, blues, banjos, washboards, k. United States: Newburyport, Massachusetts : Variety Arts Press, 2017, p. 192 pages :.
P. Bade, Music wars 1937-1945 . London: East & West, 2012, p. vii, 433 p., xvi p. of plates :.
E. Badura-Skoda, The eighteenth-century fortepiano grand and its patrons from Scarlatti to Beethoven . United States: Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2017, p. 1 online resource.
T. Bagnall, Do you come here often? : the golden age of showbands /. 2013, p. 76 pages :.
Bai, Wei = 白玮, Zhong guo ge ming gen ju di yin yue chuang zuo mei xue yan jiu = 中国革命根据地音乐创作美学研究. Chongqing: Xi nan shi fan da xue chu ban she, 2015, p. 284.
A. Bailey, Lorde. United States : Createspace, 2017, p. 83 unnumbered pages.
J. Bailey, The cultural impact of Kanye West . 2014, p. xxx, 261 pages ;.
O. Bailey, Blues guitar heroes , 2013 updated ed. 2013, p. 253 pages :.
S. Bailie, Popular music . Belfast: Arts Council of Northern Ireland, 2011, p. 28 p. :.
A. Baird, Garrido, S., and Tamplin, J., Music and dementia : from cognition to therapy /, First edition. United Kingdom: Oxford ;, 2020, p. xi, 306 pages :.
M. B. Bakan, World music : traditions and transformations /, Third edition. United States: New York, NY :, 2019, p. xxxix, 392 pages :.
T. Baker, Depeche Mode : the early years /. 2013, p. 205 pages :.
D. C. Baker and Green, L., Insights in sound : visually impaired musicians' lives and learning /. United States: New York, NY : Routledge, 2017, p. xiv, 271 pages ;.
D. C. Baker and Green, L., Insights in sound : visually impaired musicians' lives and learning /. United States: New York, NY : Routledge, 2017, p. xiv, 271 pages ;.
S. Baker, Istvandity, L., and Nowak, R., Curating pop : exhibiting popular music in the museum /. United States: New York, NY : Bloomsbury Academic, 2019, p. x, 179 pages ;.
S. Baker, Community custodians of popular music's past : a DIY approach to heritage /. United Kingdom: Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2018, p. xii, 198 pages ;.
I. Balázs, Zenei lexikon, 2.nd ed. Budapest: Corvina, 2017, p. 328.
E. Balkir, Derkert, J., Battier, M., and Bossis, B., Étude comparative des approches créatrices et technologiques au Groupe de Recherches Musicales à Par [Elektronisk resurs] Deux directions artistiques différentes à partir d’une idée commune.. Stockholm: Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University, 2018.
L. Ballard, Bengtson, M., and Young, J. Bell, The Alexander Scriabin companion : history, performance, and lore /. United Kingdom: Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, 2017, p. xviii, 422 pages :.
L. Balliro and Canfield, J., Being a singer : the art, craft, and science /. United States: Chicago, Illinois : Chicago Review Press, 2020, p. xvii, 228 pages :.
R. Balls, Sex & drugs & rock'n'roll : the life of Ian Dury /, Updated ed. London: Omnibus, 2011, p. 383 p., [24] p. of plates :.
P. Balmer, Build your own electric guitar . Sparkford: Haynes, 2013, p. 160 p. :.
P. Balmer, Acoustic guitar manual : how to buy, maintain and set up your acoustic guitar /. Sparkford: Haynes, 2011, p. 202 p. :.
P. Balmer, Haynes Gibson Les Paul manual : how to buy, maintain and set up the legendary Les Paul electric guitar (includes Epiphone models) /, Second edition. 2013, p. 197 pages :.