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Bartmanski D, Woodward I.  2020.  Labels : making independent music /. :xviii,307pages:.
Bartmanski D, Woodward I.  2020.  Vinyl : the analogue record in the digital age /. :1onlineresource:.
Bartók J.Béla, Gábor V, Ágnes V, Márta R.  2021.  Chronicles of Béla Bartók's life. :521.
Bartók B, Móricz K.  2017.  Concerto for orchestra : BB 123 . Béla Bartók complete critical edition. Serie III. Orchestral works:253.
Bartók B, Somfai L, Várjon D.  2017.  15 ungarische Bauernlieder : BB 79 . :VII,24.
Bartók B.  2016.  Bartók Béla írásai [4. köt] : Írások a népzenéről és a népzenekutatásról (2). :506p..
Bartók B.  2016.  Bartók Béla: Cantata profana : a kilenc csodaszarvas. :45p..
Bartolome SJ.  2019.  World music pedagogy. . :1volume:.
Bartolome SJ.  2019.  World music pedagogy. . :1onlineresource:.
Barton FA, Novak JK, Leary JP.  2021.  Czech songs in Texas. volume 7:1onlineresource(xvi,240pages):.
Barwick L, Green J, Vaarzon-Morel P.  2020.  Archival returns : Central Australia and beyond /. No. 18.:electronictext(xxviii,345pages):.
Barz GF, Cheng W.  2020.  Queering the field : sounding out ethnomusicology /. :xx,442pages:.
Basford J.  2019.  Index of Mirecourt luthiers 1896 . :28pages;.
Basford J, Toft T.  2020.  W.E. Hill & Sons : violin makers 1880-1936 /. :128pages:.
Bassani F.  2022.  Gregorio Ballabene's forty-eight-part mass for twelve choirs (1772) . no. 38:viii,120pages:.
Bastianelli J, Heisser J-F.  2021.  Federico Mompou, 1893-1987 : à la recherche d'une musique perdue /. :161pages;.
Bastlová E.  2013.  Collectio operum musicalium quae in Bibliotheca Kinsky adservantur. vol. VIII:381pages:.
Bate S, Crary D, Gambetta B, McCutcheon J, Friesen O.  2022.  Winfield's Walnut Valley Festival . :175pages:.
Bateson CV.  2022.  Irish American Civil War songs : identity, loyalty, and nationhood /. :xiii,301pages:.
Bathurst R, Gilling DF, Rasmussen SJ.  2019.  Orchestras : a model for social and organizational development /. :1onlineresource(xiii,206pages)..
Batista A.  2018.  La sinfonía de la libertad. Música y política.. :223p..
Batstone L.  2023.  Mahler's Nietzsche : politics and philosophy in the Wunderhorn Symphonies /. :xii,189pages:.
Battentier A.  2021.  A sociology of sound technicians making the show go on /. :1onlineresource(xxxi,140pages:illustrations)..
Battier M, Fields K.  2019.  Electroacoustic music in East Asia . :1volume;.
Bauer A, Kerékfy M.  2018.  György Ligeti's cultural identities. :XVI,270.