Position open for Webmaster

After many years as serving as our Webmaster, Gabriele Gamba is stepping down from this role at the end of the year. We thank him for his dedicated service to IAML over the years. And now we are searching for a replacement for him.

IAML Webmaster


  1. Maintain the IAML website
  2. Keep the CMS software updated; at the moment Drupal 7
  3. Assist the treasurer with the membership database and managing functions of it as needed
  4. Manage access to the website  
  5. Manage web mail aliases as needed with the Web Team and Treasurer
  6. Assist with electronic elections as needed
  7. Ensure access to eFontes and other IAML resources through the website as needed
  8. Manage the Recent Publications in Music database
  9. Generate and revise webpages as needed for projects, redesigns, etc. (while in general the Web Editor is responsible for content)
  10. Test website as needed
  11. Ensure positive user experience



  1. Experience with websites and web maintenance
  2. Working knowledge of Drupal essential
  3. Working knowledge of PHP, MySQL, etc. preferred
  4. Familiarity with the activities and structure of IAML 
  5. Good communication skills, including fluency in English required, with some basic working knowledge of French and German preferred

The Webmaster is part of the Web Team (Web Editor, Webmaster and Web Assistant). The Webmaster works closely with the Web Editor and Web Assistant. In co-operation with the Webmaster, the Web Editor will produce two reports a year for the IAML Board meetings (Board represented through Chair of the Publications Committee). Also works closely with the Publications Committee and Chair, along with the Secretary General, the Treasurer and Board.

The Webmaster is an ex officio member of the Publications Committee

Terms:                               3 years (including a probation period of 6 months); renewable after each 3 year period

Elected / Approved:           Job ad; Job interview. Approved by the IAML Board.

Honorarium:                       1,500 Euro/ annum

Extras:                               The Webmaster is encouraged to attend the annual congress. Upon invitation by the IAML Board, there are times where the Webmaster will be able to claim travel expenses from IAML. 

Applicants should send a letter of interest and CV to Pia Shekhter, IAML Secretary General, secretary@iaml.info, by 30 Sepember 2017.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joseph Hafner, Chair, Publications Committee, joseph.hafner@mcgill.ca and IAML VP, or Pia Shekhter, IAML Secretary General, secretary@iaml.info .


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