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Holland S, Wilkie K, Mulholland P, Seago A.  2013.  Music and human-computer interaction . :viii,292pages:.
Heldt G.  2013.  Music and levels of narration in film : steps across the border /. :x,290pages:.
Salamone FA.  2013.  Music and magic : Charlie Parker, trickster lives! /. :x,96pages:.
Hornby E, Maloy R.  2013.  Music and meaning in old Hispanic Lenten chants : psalmi, threni and the Easter Vigil canticles /. 13,:xi,368pages:.
Kucinskas D, Davismoon S.  2013.  Music and technologies . :viii,144pages:.
Williams JQ.  2013.  Music and the social model : an occupational therapist's approach to music with people labelled as having learning disabilities /. :213pages:.
Kelly BL.  2013.  Music and ultra-modernism in France : a fragile consensus, 1913-1939 /. :x,257pages:.
DeNora T.  2013.  Music asylums : wellbeing through music in everyday life /. :xiii,164pages:.
Drury J.  2013.  Music at midnight : the life and poetry of George Herbert /. :xix,395pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Dickinson P.  2013.  Music education in crisis : the Bernarr rainbow lectures and other assessments /. 24:xiv,186pages:.
Housley P, Herbert M.  2013.  Music from the studio . :94pages:.
Williams A.  2013.  Music in Germany since 1968 . :xi,280pages:.
Gardiner JEliot.  2013.  Music in the castle of heaven : a portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach /. :xxxiv,628pages,24unnumberedpagesofplates:.
[Anonyme].  2013.  Music industry news. . :v.:.
Ockelford A.  2013.  Music, language and autism : exceptional strategies for exceptional minds /. :272pages:.
Waligórska M.  2013.  Music, longing and belonging : articulations of the self and the other in the musical realm /. :viii,224pages:.
Begbie J.  2013.  Music, modernity, and God : essays in listening /. :261pages:.
De Ferranti H, Tokita A.  2013.  Music, modernity and locality in prewar Japan : Osaka and beyond /. :xxiv,307pages:.
Cooke PA, Maw DNicholas.  2013.  The music of Herbert Howells . :xxi,360pages:.
Wyndham-Jones G., Taylor T.  2013.  The music of Plato. :108pages;.
Hodges D.  2013.  The music of the ocean . :64pages;.
Herbert T, Barlow H.  2013.  Music & the British military in the long nineteenth century . :xi,353pages:.
Ziegler R, Blenkinsop I.  2013.  Music : the definitive visual history /. :400pages:.
MacLaren L.  2013.  Music : the foundations of harmony /. :vi,78pages:.
Runningdeer I.  2013.  Musical encounters with dying : stories and lessons /. :158pages:.