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Webb J.  2017.  The cake and the rain : a memoir /. :346pages:.
Hindle D, Morecambe G.  2020.  By rail to the music halls . :184pages:.
[Anonyme].  2013.  Buy & play the acoustic guitar. . :130p.:.
Moore M.  2020.  The butterfly effect : how Kendrick Lamar ignited the soul of black America /. :1volume;.
Mabuchi A.  2017.  Butai no ue no Japonisumu : enjirareta gensō no "Nihon josei" /. 1247:279pages:.
[Anonyme].  2018.  Butai igaku nyūmon = 舞台医学入門 . :90pages;.
Napier-Bell S.  2022.  The business : a history of popular music from sheet music to streaming /. :x,386pages;.
Heine C.  2015.  Buscando identidades. Música de cámara en los países mediterráneos durante el tardío siglo XIX y temprano siglo XX:. :338.
Hembree M.  2022.  On the bus with Bill Monroe : my five-year ride with the father of blue grass /. :1onlineresource(xiii,200pages):.
Tamás H.  2021.  Bura Károly cigányprímás : aktivista, revizionista, vizionarista . :127.
Toyotake R, Katayama T..  2017.  Bunraku rokudai toyotake rodayū : gokan no kanata e /. :223p;.
Toyotake R, Katayama T..  2017.  Bunraku rokudai toyotake rodayū : gokan no kanata e /. :223pages;.
Yoshida T, Yamakawa S.  2016.  Bunraku no otoko : Shosei Yoshida Tamao no sekai /. :255pages:.
Yoshida M, Yamakawa S.  2016.  Bunraku no onna : Yoshida Minosuke no sekai /. :231pages:.
Hyōki S.  2018.  Bunkazai, bunka isan to shite no minzoku geinō : mukei bunka isan jidai no kenkyū to hogo /. :vi,305,7pages:.
Kim J, Shin M, Do J, Yu J.  2020.  Bumping into BTS . :239pages:.
Kirilov K.  2020.  Bulgarian harmony : in village, wedding, and choral music of the last century /. :1volume;.
Ōuchi F.  2016.  Bukkyō no koe no waza : satori no shintaisei /. :x,293,7pages:.
Swick B.  2022.  Building an award-winning guitar program : a guide for music educators /. :vii,194pages:.
Harrington J.  2020.  Building a career in opera from school to stage : operapreneurship /. :1volume:.
Balmer P..  2013.  Build your own electric guitar . :160p.:.
Katz M.  2020.  Build : the power of hip-hop diplomacy in a divided world /. :xvii,232pages:.
Mitchell PRewse, Marshall-Luck E.  2014.  Bugles call : British composers of the First World War /. :44pages:.
Warner A, Mitchell J.  2018.  Buffy Sainte-Marie : the authorized biography /. :298pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
MacInnes S.  2018.  Buddy MacMaster : the Judique fiddler /. :ix,11-192pages:.