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Carter T, Fantappiè F.  2021.  Staging Euridice : theatre, sets, and music in late renaissance Florence /. :xxix,252pages:.
Pender R.  2021.  The Stephen Sondheim encyclopedia . :xiv,638pages:.
Marienberg E.  2021.  Sting and religion : the Catholic-shaped imagination of a rock icon /. :xvii,215pages;.
Dunkel M..  2021.  The stories of Jazz : narrating a musical tradition /. 48:ix,391pages:.
Marx R.  2021.  Stories to tell : a memoir /. :1onlineresource:.
Linaberry R.  2021.  Strategies, tips & activities for the effective band director : targeting student engagement and comprehension /. :1onlineresource.
Fell M, Mackay R, Gilmore J.  2021.  Structure and synthesis : the anatomy of practice /. :398pages:.
Ciantar P..  2021.  Studies in Maltese Popular Music . :1onlineresource.
Jørgensen JWenndorf.  2021.  Swing : en musikalsk selvbiografi. :445sider:.
Magdolna J, Árpád KKun.  2021.  SzocOper : az operett újjáépítése 1949-1956 között . :590.
Case G.  2021.  Takin' care of business : a history of working people's rock 'n' roll /. :1onlineresource(203pages)..
Lívia F, János F, Petra P.  2021.  Tánctudományi tanulmányok 2020-2021 . :404.
Madrid AL.  2021.  Tania León's Stride : a polyrhythmic life /. :1onlineresource(xvi,249pages):.
Zubillaga IContreras.  2021.  "Tant que les révolutions ressemblent à cela" : l'avant-garde musicale sous Franco /. :408pages:.
Savvidou P.  2021.  Teaching the whole musician : a guide to wellness in the applied studio /. :1onlineresource(x,262pages):.
Burke P.  2021.  Tear down the walls : white radicalism and black power in 1960s rock /. :1onlineresource(225pages):.
Brar DSingh.  2021.  Teklife/Ghettoville/Eski : the sonic ecologies of Black music in the early twenty-first century /. :171pages:.
Dokter J.  2021.  Tempo and tactus in the German Baroque : treatises, scores, and the performance of organ music /. v. 178:1onlineresource(xxi,523pages):.
Mooney KEdward.  2021.  Texas jazz singer : Louise Tobin in the golden age of swing and beyond /. number twenty-five:1onlineresource..
Carrillo RRojo.  2021.  Text, liturgy, and music in the Hispanic rite : the vespertinus genre /. :1onlineresource(xvii,399pages):.
Begbie J, Chua DKL, Rathey M.  2021.  Theology, music, and modernity : struggles for freedom /. :1onlineresource(400pages):.
Iott S.  2021.  Thinking and playing music : intentional strategies for optimal practice and performance /. :xxiv,261pages:.
Bernstein Z.  2021.  Thinking in and about music : analytical reflections on Milton Babbitt's music and thought /. :1onlineresource(xviii,299pages):.
Quenoy PDu.  2021.  Through the years with prince charming : the collected music criticism of Paul Du Quenoy, 2010-2020 /. :1onlineresource..
Lundberg M.  2021.  Tidegärden i kyrkotraditionerna ....