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Bradley RN.  2021.  Chronicling Stankonia : the rise of the hip-hop South /. :xiii,121pages;.
Steuernagel MSilva.  2021.  Church music through the lens of performance . :1onlineresource(1volume:.
Ellsworth J.  2021.  The clarinet . 179:1onlineresource(vi,297pages):.
Beckerman M., Boghossian P..  2021.  Classical Music Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges.. :1onlineresource(254p.).
Kramer L, Nones A..  2021.  Classical Music in a Changing World : Crisis and Vital Signs.. :1onlineresource(xi,104pages).
Herlin D.  2021.  Claude Debussy : portraits et études /. Band 49:532pages:.
Chonghaile DNí.  2021.  Collecting music in the Aran Islands : a century of history and practice /. :xxi,325pages:.
Doe J.  2021.  The comedians of the king : "opéra comique" and the Bourbon monarchy on the eve of revolution /. :1onlineresource.
Willingham L.  2021.  Community music at the boundaries . :1onlineresource.
Kanellopoulou J.  2021.  Competition policy and the music industries : a business model perspective /. :1onlineresource.
Dietz D.  2021.  The complete book of 1910s Broadway musicals . :xviii,603pages;.
Guillot M..  2021.  Conflits de l'oreille et de l'oeil dans l'oeuvre musicale : l'écoute interiorisée /. :156pages:.
Aluede C, Oikelome A, Akperi Y, Igbi O, Ogisi AA.  2021.  Contemporary dimensions in Nigerian music : a festschrift for Arugha Aboyowa Ogisi /. :xxviii,289pages:.
Goertzen VWoodring, Eshbach RWhitehouse, R. Todd L, Uhde K, Avins S., Borchard B., Crow K., Ellsworth T., Horne WPWilliam, Kamlah R. et al..  2021.  The creative worlds of Joseph Joachim . :1onlineresource(xxii,353pages):.
Verdier V.  2021.  Créations musicales : une approche philosophique /. :270pages:.
Williams JGordon, Kelley RDG.  2021.  Crossing bar lines : the politics and practices of black musical space /. :1onlineresource(x,181pages):.
Baca M, Harris C, Sheehy D.  2021.  Crossing borders : my journey in music /. :1onlineresource(xviii,172pages).
Brzozowska B, Galuszka P.  2021.  Crowdfunding and independence in film and music . :1onlineresource(118pages)..
Zauner M.  2021.  Crying in H Mart : a memoir /. :1onlineresource(239pages).
Lenke Ü-D.  2021.  Csillagkottából zengő bársony bariton : Ütő Endre emlékeinek igazsága . :182.
Barton FA, Novak JK, Leary JP.  2021.  Czech songs in Texas. volume 7:1onlineresource(xvi,240pages):.
Weiss J, Daňhelová LKuhar.  2021.  Čeští hudebníci ve Slovinsku v 19. a na začátku 20. století . 3:291stran:.