Fanny Hensel : a research and information guide /

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New York ;, United States, p.xvi, 133 pages ; (2019)



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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.Introduction -- 1. Biographies. Biographical studies of Fanny Hensel ; Fanny Hensel and the Mendelssohn family ; Fanny Hensel and Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy ; The Hensel family ; Fanny Hensel in relation to friends and colleauges ; Fanny Hensel as a pianist ; Belles lettres and fictional works -- 2. Conversations within Hensel scholarship. Journals and collections of essays ; Reflections on Hensel scholarship -- 3. Sources, documentary studies, and catalogs. Works-lists and thematic catalogs ; Manuscript lists and catalogs ; Exhibit catalogs ; Facsimile editions ; Scholarship on sources and archives -- 4. Letters, documents, and memoirs. Editions and transcriptions of Hensel's letters ; Tagebücher and other documents ; Reminiscences of Fanny Hensel (memoirs) -- 5. Studies of works and genres. General considerations of Hensel as a composer ; Choral works ; Lieder (solo and duet) ; Piano music (solo and duet) ; Chamber music ; Other genres -- 6. Compositional influences -- 7. Cultural studies. The Sonntagsmuiken/Salon culture ; Fanny Hensel and Italy ; Fanny Hensel and the Mendelssohn homes ; Fanny Hensel as correspondent ; Feminist and gender studies ; Religious studies ; Other cultural studies -- Index of Hensel's compositions -- Index of authors --- General index.Fanny Hensel: A Research and Information Guide provides scholars in Hensel studies with a resource to navigate the research surrounding the composer's over 450 musical works. As part of the larger blossoming of women's music history, new research in the 1980s and 1990s promoted an awareness of Hensel's output, in particular in the genres of the lied and the solo piano work. This research guide includes an introductory chapter, a summary paragraph at the beginning of each chapter, and annotations for more than 500 entries, focusing on scholarly works as well as selected articles from trade publications, catalogs, and Internet resources [Publisher description]