David Bowie is the subject

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p.320 pages : (2013)


9781851777358 (paperback)


Biography., England, Pictorial works., Rock music, Rock musicians


Issued on the occasion of the exhibition: "David Bowie is ", 23 March - 11 August, 2013. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.Includes bibliographical references and index.David Bowie is what follows / Martin Roth -- Astronaut of inner spaces: Sundridge Park, Soho, London -- mars / Geoffrey Marsh -- Theatre of gender: David Bowie at the climax of the sexual revolution / Camille Paglia -- Oh! you pretty things / Jon Savage -- Putting out fire with gasoline: designing David Bowie / Victoria Broackes -- Bowie/Music: lucky old sun is in my sky -- / Howard Goodall -- For 'we are the goon squad': Bowie, style and the power of the LP cover, 1967-1983 / Christopher Breward -- Changes: Bowie's life story / Oriole Cullen -- David Bowie then/David Bowie now / Christopher Frayling, Philip Hoare & Mark Kermode -- David Bowie is photographic / Nicholas Coleridge -- David Bowie is mapping new territories.