Fontes contents 2011 (vol. 58)

Volume 58/1, January - March 2011

  • “In Mozart’s Words”: Perspectives on a New, Online Edition of the Mozart Family Letters from Italy, 1770-1773   Cliff Eisen
  • In Mozart’s Words: Working with a Correspondence Database   Patrizia Rebulla
  • “Prima la musica, o le parole?”: A Web of Words to Surround Mozart’s Music   Maria Majno
  • Henryk Wieniawski’s Concert Performances in Russia   Renata Suchowiejko
  • Un Fonds de livres liturgiques au département de la musique de la bibliothèque nationale de France    François Auzeil
  • Music Heritage in Manuscripts and Printed Music    Berit Holth and Jorid Nordal Baumann
  • IRCAM-Moscow   Michael Fingerhut
  • Les archives des institutions musicales parisiennes (1918-1969)   Rémy Campos and Aurélien Poidevin

Corresponding Editors’ News

  • Australia:  Marshall-Hall Concert Programs Digitisation Project, 2010   Evelyn Portek
  • Finland:  Finnish Jazz and Pop Archive’s New Digitizing Service    HeikkiPoroila
  • Spain:  International Conference on Music Printing and Publishing in Spain    Jorge García García
  • Norway:  Editing Historical Music in the 21st Century    Jørgen Langdalen


  • Music in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Encyclopedic History. Volume 2: Performing the Caribbean Experience. Edited by Malena Kuss.  David F. García
  • Music and Meaning:  Studies in Music History and the Neighbouring Disciplines.  By Warren and Ursula Kirkendale.  Bradford Lee Eden
  • The Sound of Broadway Music: A Book of Orchestrators and Orchestration.  By Steven Suskin.   Melissa Ursula Dawn Goldsmith
  • Fanny Hensel: The Other Mendelssohn.  ByR. Larry Todd.   Renée McBride
  • The Metropolitan Opera on Record: A Discography of the Commercial Recordings. By Frederick P. Fellers.   Joseph Hafner
  • Music and Monumentality:  Commemoration and Wonderment in Nineteenth-Century Germany. ByAlexander Rehding   Bradford Lee Eden
  • Estudios Sobre la Obra de Astor Piazzolla.  Compilados por Omar Garcia Brunelli.   Raphael Jimenez
  • KaijaSaariaho.  ByPirkko Moisala.     John Schuster-Craig
  • Long Lost Blues: Popular Blues in America, 1850-1920.   By Peter C. Muir.   Ken Prouty
  • A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist.   By Susan J. Maclagan.   Janelle West


Volume 58/2, April - June 2011

  • Identifying and Studying Published Manuscripts   Stanley Boorman
  • Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: The Complete Works   Laura Buch, Paul Corneilson, Jason B. Grant, and Mark W. Knoll
  • Clori: The Archive of the Italian Cantata  Licia Sirch
  • PRESERVE:  Teaching Archives to Dance Companies   John Shepard
  • ILAM's Archival Revitalisation: The Past Five years at the International Library of African Music   Fiona Still-Drewett
  • Spreading the Message: Teaching Music Librarianship by Distance-Learning  John Wagstaff

Corresponding Editors’ News

  • Estonia:  German opera director Prof. Joachim Herz donates his library to the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre    Ilvi Rauna
  • Finland: The Finnish Music Bazaar    HeikkiPoroila


  • Antonio Caldara: Life and Venetian-Roman Oratorios.  By Ursula Kirkendale. Revised and translated by Warren Kirkendale.   Jane Dahlenburg
  • Hindustani Music: Thirteenth to Twentieth Centuries. Edited by Joep Bor, Françoise ‘Nalini’ Delvoye, Jane Harvey and Emmie te Nijenhuis.   Willem Rodenhuis
  • Child Composers and Their Works:  A Historical Survey.  By Barry Cooper.   Bradford Lee Eden
  • The Archive of the Sing-Akademie zu Berlin. Catalogue / Das Archiv der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin. Katalog.   Editors/Hrsg. Axel Fischer, Matthias Kornemann. Im Auftrag der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin.   Georg Günther
  • Music and Musicians on the London Stage, 1695–1705.    By Kathryn Lowerre.  AlonSchab
  • A Song in the Dark: The Birth of the Musical Film.    By Richard Barrios.  The New Broadway Song Companion: An Annotated Guide to Musical Theatre Literature by Voice Type and Song Style. By David P. DeVenney.  Thomas S. Hischak
  • Rosa Newmarch and Russian Music in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century England.    ByPhilip Ross Bullock.   Gerald R. Seaman
  • Variations on the Canon: Essays on Music From Bach to Boulez in Honor of CharlesRosen on His Eightieth Birthday.  Edited by Robert Curry, David Gable, and Robert L. Marshall.  Barry J. Zaslow
  • The Traditional Folk Music and Dances of Spain: A Bibliographical Guide to Research, Vol. 1.   By Israel J. Katz.   Jordi Reig
  • Johannes Brahms und der Leipziger Musikverlag Breitkopf & Härtel.   By Peter Schmitz.  Heather Platt
  • The New (Ethno)musicologies.   Edited by Henry Stobart.  Adriana Helbig
  • Thomas Tallis and his Music in Victorian England.   By Suzanne Cole.   Tim Eggington
  • Keys to the Drama: Nine Perspectives on Sonata Forms.   Edited by Gordon Sly.  Bryan Proksch
  • Richard Wagner, Sämtliche Briefe. Band 18: Briefe des Jahres 1866. Herausgegeben von Andreas Mielke. Redaktionelle Mitarbeit Isabel Kraft.  Hannu Salmi
  • Wagner and Venice.  By John W. Barker.  John Schuster-Craig        


Volume 58/3, July - September 2011

National Libraries

  • Introduction    Rupert Ridgewell
  • Music at the National Library of Australia   Robyn Holmes
  • The Music Collection of Library and Archives Canada in 2011   Richard Green and the LAC music staff
  • Le dépôt légal de la musique à la Bibliothèque nationale de France: état des lieux et nouveaux enjeux   Marie-Pierre Bodez, Pierre Pichon, Marguerite Sablonnière
  • Die Musikabteilung der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz: Ein Kompetenz-Zentrum für Musik in nationalbibliothekarischem Zusammenhang   Martina Rebmann
  • Experiencing Materials and Knowledge: The Danish National Library’s Music Collection   Anne Ørbæk Jensen
  • The Tumbling Flagship: The Music Collection of the National Széchényi Library, Budapest   Balázs Mikusi
  • The National Archive of Irish Composers: Creating a Digital Collection of Music from the National Library of Ireland   UnaHunt
  • Music in Italian National Libraries   Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi
  • Music in the National Central Library of Florence: Legal Deposit and Music National Bibliography   Paola Gibbin
  • The Network of National libraries and Central Institutes in Italy     Federica Riva
  • National Music Collections in The Netherlands   Martie Severt
  • New Zealand: Standing Proud on Shaky Ground   Roger Flury
  • The National Music Collection (Norsk Musikksamling) of the National Library of Norway   Inger Johanne Christiansen
  • Music in the National Library of Scotland   Almut Boehme
  • Music Collections and Audiovisual Documents in the Spanish National Library (Madrid)   José Carlos Gosálvez Lara
  • Music in the British Library: The Present and the Future   Richard Chesser


  • Liber Amicorum: Festschriften for Music Scholars and Nonmusicians, 1840-1966.   General editors: Zdravko Blažeković and James R. Cowdery.  Laurel Tarulli
  • Josquin.  By David Fallows.   John Wagstaff
  • Othmar Schoeck: Life and Works.  By Chris Walton.   John Schuster-Craig
  • Composer sous Vichy.  By Yannick Simon.    Keith E. Clifton
  • The Letters of Gertrude Stein and Virgil Thomson: Composition as Conversation.  Edited by Susan Holbrook and Thomas Dilworth.   Ron Wiecki
  • Norbert Burgmüller. Thematisch-Bibliographisches Werkverzeichnis.  Von Klaus Tischendorf, unter Mitwirkung von Tobias Koch; hrsg. in Zusammenarbeit mit Norbert-Burgmüller-Gesellschaft Düsseldorf.   John Wagstaff
  • South Pacific: Paradise Rewritten.  By Jim Lovensheimer and Broadway Musicals: The Biggest Hit & the Biggest Flop of the Season 1959-2009.  Peter Filichia.   Thomas S. Hischak
  • The Music of Peggy Glanville-Hicks.  By Victoria Rogers.  Cynthia Richardson
  • LexikonMusik und Gender. Edited by Annette Kreutziger-Herr and Melanie Unseld.   Claire Taylor-Jay


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