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Ulrich C.  2018.  The big note : a guide to the recorded works of Frank Zappa /. :xliii,754pages;.
Clemons C., Reo D..  2011.  Big Man. :399pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Huitker G..  2016.  Big life. :229pages,12unnumberedpages:illustrations;22cm..
Garrett P..  2016.  Big blue sky : growing up and making waves in the best place on earth.. :448pages,48pagesofplates:illustrations(chieflycolour),portraits(somecolour);25cm.
Vilmos G.  2022.  Biciklizős dalok : dalok óvodásoknak és kisiskolásoknak . :44.
Johnson HMabley.  2023.  Bic Runga's Drive . :143.
Halford R, Gittins I.  2022.  Biblical : Rob Halford's heavy metal scriptures /. :xi,323pages;.
Palazzetti N.  2021.  Béla Bartók in Italy : the politics of myth-making /. :xiv,302pages:.
Medić I, Tomašević K.  2015.  Beyond the East-West Divide : Balkan Music and its Poles of Attraction. :287.
Stepniak M, Sirotin P.  2019.  Beyond the conservatory model : reimagining classical music performance training in higher education /. :1volume:.
Fraser B.  2023.  Beyond sketches of Spain : Tete Montoliu and the construction of Iberian jazz /. :1onlineresource.
Berger K.  2017.  Beyond reason : Wagner contra Nietzsche /. :1onlineresource.
Tan SEe..  2012.  Beyond 'innocence' : Amis aboriginal song in Taiwan as an ecosystem /. :xvi,296p.:.
Wolf SEllen.  2020.  Beyond Broadway : the pleasure and promise of musical theatre across America /. :382pages:.
Talle A..  2017.  Beyond Bach : music and everyday life in the eighteenth century . :1onlineresource.
Hegarty P., Halliwell M..  2021.  Beyond and Before, Updated and Expanded Edition Progressive Rock Across Time and Genre.. :1onlineresource(441p.).
Baade C., McGee KA.  2021.  Beyoncé in the World Making Meaning with Queen Bey in Troubled Times.. :1onlineresource(457p.)..
Keleta-Mae N.  2023.  Beyonce and beyond : 2013-2016 /. :1onlineresource(44pages).
Hollai K.  2018.  Bevezetés Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina stílusába. :176.
Anita L.  2020.  Bevezetés a tánccal kapcsolatos kutatások módszertanába. A Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem tankönyv- és jegyzetsorozata. :186.
Dobszay L, Balogh P.  2015.  Bevezetés a gregorián énekbe : középfokra : elmélet, fogalomtár, példatár. Egyházzenei füzetek.
O'Meara M..  2012.  Between the lines : a history of Haven /. :v,253pages,4unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Garza LDíaz-San.  2021.  Between norteño and tejano conjunto : music, tradition and culture at the U.S.-Mexico border /. :ix,161pages:.
Wells CJay.  2021.  Between beats : the jazz tradition and black vernacular dance /. :1onlineresource(xviii,254pages):.
Barlow G.  2019.  A better me . :1volume.