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Allen K.  2019.  Hugh Blair : Worcester's forgotten organist /. :1volume:.
Allen R.  2018.  Wilhelm Furtwängler : art and the politics of the unpolitical /. :1onlineresource(xxxi,286pages):.
Allen GSeven.  2019.  The singer acts/the actor sings : a practical guide to living through song /. :1onlineresource..
Allen L.  2019.  My thoughts exactly . :1volume;.
Allen K.  2013.  Gracious ladies : the Norbury Family and Edward Elgar : a chronicle with documents.. :xiv,957pages,90unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Allen D, Cooper M.  2011.  Dave & Mick's pompey pop pix : an illustrated history of '50s & '60s popular music in Portsmouth /. :180p.:.
Alleyne M, Fairclough-Isaacs K.  2020.  Prince and popular music : critical perspectives on an interdisciplinary life /. :1volume;.
Allis M, Watt P.  2020.  The symphonic poem in Britain, 1850-1950 . volume 26:1volume:.
Allis M.  2013.  Temporaries and eternals : the music criticism of Aldous Huxley, 1922-23 /. :viii,249pages;.
Allison B, Elkins E, Olivarez V, Brooks K.  2020.  Hidden history of Music Row . :185pages:.
Allué-Montilla I.  2017.  Mujeres, rock y heavy metal. ¿Quién dijo sexo débil? Música. 73:192p..
Almasy J, Christian H.  2013.  The Team's mission drift . :87pages;.
ALONSO DTOMÁS.  2015.  La creación musical de Roberto Gerhard durante el magisterio de Arnold Schoenberg: neoclasicismo, octatonismo y organización protoserial (1923-1928)..
Alonso A.  2020.  Diálogos con la danza. :631p..
Alonso-Calero J-maría, Díaz-Olaya A, Llorens-Gómez J-B.  2020.  Congreso Internacional de Danza, Investigación y Educación: Danza y Comunicación. Comunicar en danza. :480p..
Altimari-Adler DM.  2020.  Plato's Timaeus and the missing fourth guest : finding the harmony of the spheres /. volume 21:1onlineresource(xxix,624pages).
Altman J.  2022.  Hidden man : my many musical lives /. :x,278pages:.
Aluede C, Oikelome A, Akperi Y, Igbi O, Ogisi AA.  2021.  Contemporary dimensions in Nigerian music : a festschrift for Arugha Aboyowa Ogisi /. :xxviii,289pages:.