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Johnson CD.  2014.  Process control instrumentation technology . :ii,680pages:.
J. Bennett H.  2017.  The prodigal Rogerson : the tragic, hilarious, and possibly apocryphal story of Circle Jerks bassist Roger Rogerson in the golden age of LA punk, 1979-1996 /. :94pages:.
Rossitter J.  2019.  The producer's music theory handbook . :129pages:.
Hepworth-Sawyer R, Hodgson J, Marrington M.  2019.  Producing music . :1onlineresource:.
Doherty M.  2022.  Production management in live music : managing the technical side of touring in today's music industry /. :144pages:.
Cottrell S.  2020.  Professional music-making in London : ethnography and experience /. :1volume.
Miklós A.  2015.  Progresszív zenei lexikon. :279p..
Seinen N.  2019.  Prokofiev's Soviet operas . :xiv,255pages:.
Nono L, Cacciari M., Benjamin W, Hölderlin F, Richard A., Mazzolini M., Nielinger-Vakil C.  2021.  Prometeo : tragedia dell'ascolta /. :1book(513pages);.
Macdonald R..  2011.  Propellerhead Reason : the ultimate guide /. :130p.:.
Anastasi A.  2022.  Protomusic : the role of prosodic modulation in the emergence of language /. :xxiv,161pages;.
de Paor-Evans A.  2020.  Provincial headz : British hip hop and critical regionalism /. :xvi,339pages;.
[Gast].  2019.  Prvi svjetski rat (1914.-1918.) i glazba : skladateljske strategije, izvedbene prakse i društveni utjecaji . :774.
József S, Katalin SMargit.  2023.   Psalmus Hungaricus : a hungarian cultural history. :3kötet.
József S, Katalin SMargit.  2023.  Psalmus Hungaricus : a hungarian cultural history 1. vol.. :385.
József S, Katalin SMargit.  2023.  Psalmus Hungaricus : a hungarian cultural history. 2. vol.. :387-941.
József S, Katalin SMargit.  2023.  Psalmus Hungaricus : a hungarian cultural history. 3. vol.. :943-1739.
Szoliva G, Ferenczi I, Kiss G, Mészáros E.  2015.  Psalterium Strigoriense Venetiis 1523 : cum notis musicis manuscriptis : (Psalterium Nicolai Olahi). . Musicalia Danubiana, Bavarica et Hungarica. 25, 2:147p.,144t..
Szenczi-Molnár A, Vásárhelyi J.  2017.  Psalterium Ungaricum; Kis katekizmus. Bibliotheca Hungarica antiqua. 46:432,69p.:ill.+1mell.(54p.).
Echard W.  2017.  Psychedelic popular music : a history through musical topic theory /. :291pages:.
Woody RH.  2022.  Psychology for musicians : understanding and acquiring the skills /. :x,350pages:.
Tan S-L, Cohen AJ, Lipscomb SDavid, Kendall RAllen.  2013.  The psychology of music in multimedia . :xix,432pages:.
Pettan S, Titon JTodd.  2019.  Public ethnomusicology, education, archives, & commerce : an Oxford handbook of applied ethnomusicology, volume 3 /. :x,347pages:.
Fenton K.  2020.  Puccini's La fanciulla del West and the American musical identity . :1onlineresource..
Calero-Carramolino E, Pérez-Zalduondo G, Vega-Pichaco B.  2019.  Puentes sonoros y coreográficos durante el franquismo: Imaginarios, intercambios y propaganda en clave internacional. Música crítica. Musicología. 6:306.