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Holley C.  2017.  A perfectly good guitar : musicians on their favorite instruments /. :xii,196pages:.
Blanque-López E.  2020.  Perfil del alumnado de enseñanzas profesionales de danza de Andalucía: factores sociales, motivacionales y académicos.
Brewer MKathryn.  2022.  A performance guide to Verdi's art songs : with a performance CD /. :ii,185pages:.
Sarlo D.  2020.  The performance style of Jascha Heifetz . :1volume:.
Magnat V.  2019.  The performative power of vocality . :1volume:.
Magnat V.  2020.  The performative power of vocality . :1onlineresource(xix,240pages).
Gowen B.  2022.  A performer's guide to the piano music of Samuel Adler . :1onlineresource(xxv,167pages):.
Schab A.  2022.  A performer's guide to transcribing, editing, and arranging early music . :1onlineresource(ix,276pages):.
Nanayakkara G.  2019.  Performers' rights in Sri Lanka : singers' melancholia /. :1volume:.
Dorf SN.  2019.  Performing antiquity : ancient Greek music and dance from Paris to Delphi, 1890-1930 /. :xiv,221pages:.
Selvik RM, Gladsø S, Fiskvik AMargrete.  2020.  Performing arts in changing societies : opera, dance, and theatre in European and Nordic countries around 1800 /. :1volume:.
Hermes K.  2022.  Performing electronic music live . :xxvii,275pages:.
Poplawska M.  2020.  Performing faith : Christian music, identity and inculturation in Indonesia /. :1volume:.
Schultz M.  2016.  Performing indigenous culture on stage and screen : a harmony of frenzy. :xiii,242.
Leong D, Cremaschi A.  2019.  Performing knowledge : twentieth-century music in analysis and performance /. :xviii,412pages:.
Fry RW.  2017.  Performing Nashville : music tourism and country music's main street /. :1onlineresource.
Banowetz J, Fowke P, Harper NLee.  2021.  The performing pianist's guide to fingering . :1onlineresource(xiv,226pages):.
Cashman D, Garrido W.  2019.  Performing popular music : the art of creating memorable and successful performances /. :1volume:.
Cashman D, Garrido W.  2019.  Performing popular music : the art of creating memorable and successful performances /. :1onlineresource:.
Moore R.  2017.  Performing propaganda : musical life and culture in Paris, 1914-1918 /. :1onlineresource(256pages)..
Karpf J.  2022.  Performing racial uplift : E. Azalia Hackley and African American activism in the postbellum to pre-Harlem era /. :1onlineresource:.
Leikin A.  2011.  The performing style of Alexander Scriabin . :xii,294p.:.
Hansen P, Bläsing B.  2019.  Performing the remembered present : the cognition of memory in dance, theatre and music /. :1volume:.
Amoros LGimenez, Vambe MTaonezvi.  2018.  Performing Zimbabwe : A Transdisciplinary Study of Zimbabwean Music. Thinking Africa. :xviii,343.
Yewdall JLeonard.  2012.  A permanent record . :348pages:.