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Zsuzsanna B, Gyula J, Roswitha J.  2020.  Fúvószenekarok Törökbálinton . :182.
Dent T, Smart A, Smart S.  2020.  FutureDJs : how to DJ /. :1volume:.
Mazierska E, Gillon L, Rigg T.  2020.  The future of live music . :xii,229pages.
Higgins L.  2018.  Fusion : looked after children /. :43pages:.
Riethmüller A, Herzfeld G.  2020.  Furtwänglers Sendung : Essays zum Ethos des deutschen Kapellmeisters /. :177pages;.
Balls R.  2021.  Furious devotion : the life of Shane MacGowan /. :xiii,334pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Hori T..  2016.  Furantsu shūberuto no tanjō : sōshitsu to saisei no odyussei /. :322,73pages;.
Naitō Y..  2017.  Furansu opera no bigaku : ongaku to gengo no kaikō /.
Merrill JN.  2012.  A funeral celebrant's diary . :32pages:.
Šilobod-Bolšić M, Koprek K.  2016.  Fundamentum cantus gregoriani seu choralis.
Mazzola G., Dey S, Chen Z, Pang Y.  2022.  Functorial semiotics for creativity in music and mathematics . :1onlineresource(1volume):.
István G.  2020.  Fülig a zenében : a blues, a jazz, a rock és a folk világa a Mississippi-deltától a Rába völgyéig . :638.
Sano K.  2017.  Fujita no Hakuchō : Gaka Fujita Tsuguharu no butai bijutsu = Scenography of Léonard-Tsuguharu Foujita /. :427pages:.
Walker A, Ádám I, Boldizsár F.  2020.  Fryderyk Chopin . :782.
Cobbold M..  2012.  Frozen music . :391p.;.
Letellier RIgnatius, Fuller NLester.  2021.  Fromental Halévy and his operas, 1799-1841 . :xviii,508pages,158unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Kramer R.  2023.  From the ruins of Enlightenment : Beethoven and Schubert in their solitude /. :xviii,247pages:.
Daverne G.  2015.  From the podium (musical moments of mystery, madness, mayhem and magic) while conducting orchestras. :285.
Sillito K.  2019.  From the leader's chair . :1volume;.
CLark K.  2016.  From the bandstand : sixty five years of gigs, clubs, studios, freaks and frolics. :113p..
, Bozza A.  2021.  From staircase to stage : the story of Raekwon and the Wu-Tang Clan /. :308pages;.
Yudkin J.  2020.  From silence to sound : Beethoven's beginnings /. :1onlineresource..
Geoffroy-Schwinden RDowd.  2022.  From servant to savant : musical privilege, property, and the French Revolution /. :1onlineresource:.
Chiara MLuisa Dall, Giuntini R, Negri E., Luciani ARiccardo, Seravalli C.  2012.  From quantum information to musical semantics . :viii,124pages:.
Tozer M.  2018.  From Prussia with love : music at Uppingham School, 1853-1908 /. :61pages:.