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J. McCaleb M.  2014.  Embodied knowledge in ensemble performance . :xix,140pages:.
McCabe S.  2018.  Tarot makes music : uncovering the surprising connection between tarot, modern music & creativity /. :72pages:.
McBride JL.  2011.  Douglas Moore : a bio-bibliography . 36:xi,658pages:.
McAvoy M.  2017.  Cork rock : from Rory Gallagher to the Sultans of Ping. :298pages.
McAuliffe S.  2023.  Improvisation in music and philosophical hermeneutics . :226pages;.
McAuley T, Nielsen N, Levinson J.  2020.  The Oxford handbook of western music and philosophy . :1onlineresource(1152pages):.
McAuley T..  2021.  The Oxford handbook of Western music and philosophy. . :1152p..
McAlpine KB.  2019.  Bits and pieces : a history of chiptunes /. :308pages:.
Mcakley-Crump J.  2015.  The Pacific festivals of Aotearoa New Zealand : negotiating place and identity in a new homeland. :x,216.
T. Mboya M.  2019.  Popular music, ethnicity and politics in Kenya of the 1990s : Okatch Biggy live at "The Junction" /. :1onlineresource(163pages)..
T. Mboya M.  2019.  Popular music, ethnicity and politics in the Kenya of the 1990s : Okatch Biggy live at "The Junction" /. :1volume;.
Mazzola G., Dey S, Chen Z, Pang Y.  2022.  Functorial semiotics for creativity in music and mathematics . :1onlineresource(1volume):.
Mazuela-Anguita A.  2023.  Women in convent spaces and the music networks of early modern Barcelona . :xix,296pages:.
Mazierska E, Győri Z.  2019.  Eastern European popular music in a transnational context : beyond the borders /. :1volume:.
Mazierska E, Gillon L, Rigg T.  2020.  The future of live music . :xii,229pages.
Mazierska E, Győri Z.  2020.  Popular music and the moving image in Eastern Europe . :1volume:.
Mazierska E, Gillon L, Rigg T.  2020.  Popular music in the post-digital age : politics, economy, culture and technology /. :1volume;.
Mazierska E.  2020.  Blackpool in film and popular music . :1volume:.
Mazey P.  2020.  British film music : musical traditions in British cinema, 1930s-1950s /. :1onlineresource:.
Mayuzumi R..  2018.  Mayuzumi toshirō : kodai to gendai o kiwameta tensai = 黛敏郎 : 古代と現代を極めた天才 /. :111pages;.
Mayas M.  2019.  Orchestrating timbre : unfolding processes of timbre and memory in improvisational piano performance.
May T.  2021.  Kim Larsen : kongen af pop. :92sider:.
Maxwell I.  2021.  Ernest John Moeran : His life and music /. :1onlineresource(376pages).
Maxile HJ, Turner KM.  2022.  Race and gender in the Western music history survey : a teacher's guide /. :xii,162pages:.
Mawer D, Kelly BL, Moore R, Sadler G.  2023.  Accenting the classics : editing European music in France, 1915-1925 /. :xv,364pages:.