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Williams L, Featherstone S.  2013.  Sound and music : progression in play for babies and children /. :40pages:.
Epstein MJenneth.  2020.  Sound and noise : a listener's guide to everyday life /. :1onlineresource(xx,388pages):.
Urquhart PWhitney..  2021.  Sound and sense in Franco-Flemish music of the Renaissance : sharps, flats, and the problem of 'musica ficta' /. volume 7:1onlineresource(xxv,598pages):.
Dack J., Spinks T., Stanović A..  2020.  Sound Art and Music Philosophy, Composition, Performance.. :1onlineresource(235p.).
Gillin EJohn.  2021.  Sound authorities : scientific and musical knowledge in nineteenth-century Britain /. :1onlineresource(319pages).
Kay M..  2013.  Sound before symbol : developing literacy through music /. :98pages:.
Fischlin D, Porter E.  2021.  Sound changes : improvisation and transcultural difference /. :1onlineresource(xvi,271pages):.
Ong M-Y, Briain LÓ.  2020.  Sound communities in the Asia Pacific : music, media, and technology /. :1onlineresource(272pages).
Hillman N.  2021.  Sound for moving pictures : the four sound areas /. :1onlineresource:.
Brooks J, Stephens M, Thormählen W.  2021.  Sound heritage : making music matter in historic houses /. :1onlineresource.
Hopkin B, Tewari S.  2021.  Sound inventions : selected articles from experimental musical instruments /. :1onlineresource(1volume):.
Droumeva M, Jordan R.  2019.  Sound, media, ecology . :xxvi,294pages:.
Morley P.  2020.  A sound mind : how I fell in love with classical music (and decided to rewrite its entire history) /. :599pages;.
Sköld M.  2023.  Sound notation : the visual representation of sound for composition and analysis.
Fischer R.  2022.  The sound of memory : themes from a violinist's life /. :viii,208pages;.
Carr C, Cartwright A, Chase D, Hammond N, Karath K, Menzies H, Turner D, Bronson F.  2012.  The sound of music family scrapbook . :95pages,4unnumberedfoldedleaves:.
Carr C, Cartwright A, Chase D, Hammond N, Karath K, Menzies H, Turner D, Bronson F.  2011.  The sound of music family scrapbook. :95pages,4unnumberedfoldedleaves:.
Koo S.  2022.  Sound of the border : music and identity of Korean minority in China /. :1onlineresource(xiii,221pages):.
Bertola MFosco.  2023.  The sound of Žižek : musicological perspectives on Slavoj Žižek /. volume 2:xv,178pages.
Klenke K.  2019.  The sound state of Uzbekistan : popular music and politics in the Karimov era /. :xiv,315pages:.
Molleson K.  2022.  Sound within sound : a radical history of composers in the 20th century /.
Molleson K.  2022.  Sound within sound : radical composers of the twentieth century /. :344pages:.
Magowan F, Norman JM, Phillips-Hutton A, Lehner S, Rebelo P.  2023.  Sounding conflict : from resistance to reconciliation /. :xi,224pages:.
Alexander P.  2021.  Sounding Jewish in Berlin : klezmer music and the contemporary city /.
Doughty K, Duffy M, Harada T.  2019.  Sounding places : more-than-representational geographies of sound and music /. :xiii,249pages:.