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Gábor SGéza.  2018.  Ha a budapesti jazzmozgalom naplót írt volna, 1919-1950. :239.
Kimura R.  2017.  Hachidaime Ichikawa Danjūrō : kedakaku saita Edo no hana /. :xiii,231pages:.
Neill A..  2011.  Had me a real good time : Faces : before, during and after /. :xiii,498p.,[32]p.ofplates:.
Olander A, Tiderman J, Raihle J, Sjöstrand H.  2016.  Hagström : i Dalarnas museums samlingar = from the collection's of Dalarnas museum.
Hartnoll P, Hartnoll P.  2019.  Halcyon and on and on : the story of orbital and the rise of rave /. :1onlineresource.
Hartnoll P, Hartnoll P.  2020.  Halcyon and on and on : the story of Orbital and the rise of rave /. :1volume;.
Wang J.  2020.  Half sound, half philosophy : aesthetics, politics, and history of China's sound art /. :1onlineresource.
Bardon J.  2015.  Hallelujah : the story of a musical genius and the city that brought his masterpiece to life. :276pages.
Jávorszky BS.  2016.  Halmos Béla emlékezete. :127p.+1CD.
Northrop C.  2022.  The Hamilton phenomenon . :xxi,230pages:.
Fredriksson N, Larsson H.  2015.  Handbok om vård och underhåll av piporglar : beställning och utförande.
Fredriksson N, Larsson H.  2015.  Handbok om vård och underhåll av piporglar : Beställning och utförande [Elektronisk resurs].
Coleman C, Hogg K.  2019.  A Handbook for Studies in 18th century English Music XXIII . :95pages:.
Miranda EReck..  2021.  Handbook of artificial intelligence for music foundations, advanced approaches, and developments for creativity /. :1onlineresource.
Adams D.  2022.  A handbook of diction for singers : Italian, German, French /. :xv,325pages;.
Bucur V.  2022.  Handbook of materials for percussion musical instruments . :1onlineresource(xix,1042pages):.
McFerran K, Derrington P, Saarikallio S.  2019.  Handbook of music, adolescents, and wellbeing . :xiv,253pages:.
Juslin PN, Sloboda JA.  2011.  Handbook of music and emotion : theory, research, applications /. :xiv,975p.:.
Stegmann B.  2021.  Handbuch der Chormusik : 800 Werke aus sechs Jahrhunderten /. :xx,718pages;.
Kloiber R, Konold W, Maschka R.  2016.  Handbuch der Oper . :xii,958pages;.
Caskel J, Hein H.  2015.  Handbuch Dirigenten : 250 Porträts /. :421pages;.
Köpp K..  2009.  Handbuch historische Orchesterpraxis : Barock, Klassik, Romantik /. :377pages:.
Boullier N.  2012.  Handed down : country fiddling and dancing in east and central Down /. :xv,525pages:.
Hogwood C, Ádám V.  2021.  Händel. :351.
Vickers D.  2011.  Handel . :xxxii,594p.:.