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Smit CR.  2011.  The exile of Britney Spears : a tale of 21st century consumption /. :127p.;.
Smith PL.  2011.  In the shadow of Salisbury spire : recollections of Salisbury Cathedral Choristers and their school, 1826-1950 /. :xxx,358p.:.
Smith DJ, Taylor R.  2014.  Networks of music and culture in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries : a collection of essays in celebration of Peter Philips's 450th anniversary /. :xxviii,298pages:.
Smith G.  2011.  Alhambra, Glasgow . :144p.:.
Smith G, Sullivan C.  2012.  We can be heroes : punks, poseurs, peacocks and people of a particular persuasion : London clubland 1976-1984 /. :320p.:.
Smith JArthur.  2011.  Music in ancient Judaism and early Christianity . :xxii,271p.:.
Smith R.  2012.  Charles Jennens : the man behind Handel's Messiah /. :71pages:.
Smith S.  2013.  Gary . :311pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Smith F.  2016.  The dust of Uruzgan. :xii,399pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:illustrations(chieflycolour),map,portraits(chieflycolour);.
Smith GDylan, Moir Z, Brennan M, Rambarran S, Kirkman P.  2017.  The Routledge research companion to popular music education . :1onlineresource.
Smith A.K, Burgis P, Charles H.  2023.  Tex Morton : from Australian yodeler to international showman /. :1onlineresource(xxii,385pages)..
Smith KM, Overy S.  2023.  Listening to the unconscious : adventures in popular music and psychoanalysis /. :1onlineresource.
Smith P.  2019.  Year of the monkey. :1onlineresource.
Smith M.  2019.  A century of sound connections : the Manitoba Registered Music Teachers' Association, 1919-2019 /. :188pages:.
Smith G.  2019.  Olive Smith : a musical visionary. :384pages.
Smith B.  2019.  Diction in context : singing in English, Italian, German, and French /. :1onlineresource.
Smith AO.  2019.  Dreaming with open eyes : opera, aesthetics, and perception in Arcadian Rome /. :xiii,311pages:.
Smith RDigby.  2019.  One, two, three, four : the life and times of a recording studio engineer /. :x,305pages.
Smith DJ.  2019.  Aspects of English keyboard music before c.1630 . :1onlineresource..
Smith DJ.  2019.  Aspects of English keyboard music before c.1630 . :1onlineresource:.
F. Smith J..  2019.  The experiencing of musical sound : prelude to a phenomenology of music /. :1onlineresource..
Smith GDylan, Silverman M.  2020.  Eudaimonia : perspectives for music learning /. :1volume:.
Smith JL.  2020.  Verse and voice in Byrd's song collections of 1588 . volume 15:1volume:.
Smith RLangham, Rowden C.  2020.  Carmen abroad : Bizet's opera on the global stage /. :1volume:.
Smith NThomas.  2021.  Mathias Spahlinger . :x,206pages:.