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Leigh M.  2023.  Becoming an outstanding music teacher . :1onlineresource(vii,248pages):.
Graham S.  2023.  Becoming noise music : style, aesthetics and history /. :1onlineresource(xii,244pages):.
Eggenschwiler I.  2023.  Beethoven und Haydn : Musik, Geschichte, Rezeption /. 88:418pages:.
Mulligan G, Poston K.  2023.  Being Gerry Mulligan : my life in music /. :xi,338pages:.
Baldassarre A, Teniswood-Harvey A.  2023.  Belonging, Detachment: The Representation of Musical Identities in Visual Culture. . :640Seiten.
Keleta-Mae N.  2023.  Beyonce and beyond : 2013-2016 /. :1onlineresource(44pages).
Fraser B.  2023.  Beyond sketches of Spain : Tete Montoliu and the construction of Iberian jazz /. :1onlineresource.
Johnson HMabley.  2023.  Bic Runga's Drive . :143.
Charles M, Gani MW.  2023.  Black music in Britain in the twenty-first century . 1:xi,264pages:.
Napier-Bell S.  2023.  Black vinyl, white powder : the real story of the British music industry /. :x,582pages;.
Bennett A.  2023.  The Bloomsbury handbook of popular music and youth culture . :1onlineresource(x,696pages):.
Clark JL.  2023.  Blues on stage : the blues entertainment industry in the 1920s /. :v,236pages:.
Hajimichael M.  2023.  Bob Marley and media : representation and audiences /. :x,131pages;.
Kim Y..  2023.  Body and Force in Music : Metaphoric Constructions in Music Psychology.. :1onlineresource(xiv,158pages)..
O'Keeffe L, Nogueira I.  2023.  The body in sound, music and performance : studies in audio and sonic arts /. :1onlineresource.
Brocken M.  2023.  The British folk revival . :1onlineresource(247pages)..
Donovan R.  2023.  Broadway bodies : a critical history of conformity /. :xii,316pages:.
Kim S-Y.  2023.  The Cambridge companion to K-pop . :xv,295pages:.
Iddon M.  2023.  The Cambridge companion to serialism . :xxi,416pages:.
Waldoff JPauline.  2023.  The Cambridge companion to the Magic Flute . :xxv,360pages:.
Hirsch LE.  2023.  Can't stop the grrrls : confronting sexist labels in pop music from Ariana Grande to Yoko Ono /. :xxiv,209pages:.
Nagel JJaffee.  2023.  Career choices in music beyond the pandemic : musical and psychological perspectives /. :1onlineresource(xxv,124pages).
Francis B.  2023.  Careful the spell you cast : how Stephen Sondheim extended the range of the American musical /. :171pages;.
Masci MJ.  2023.  Charles-Simon Catel's treatise on harmony : and the disciplining of harmony at the early Paris Conservatory /. :ix,257pages:.
Houlahan M, Tacka P.  2023.  Choral artistry : a Kodály perspective for middle school to college-level choirs /. :2volumes:.