An index to articles published in the Etude magazine, 1883-1957

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[United States] : Music Library Association ; Middleton, Wis. : A-R Editions,, Volume v. 37, United States, p.2 volumes (xvi, 1364 pages) ; (2011)



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Indexes articles in the Etude, while music is indexed in An index to music published in The etude magazine, 1883-1957 / E. Douglas 1. Chronological index ; Author index -- pt. 2. Title index ; Subject index.Annotation: The Index is published in two physical volumes and sold as a set for $250.00. As America's geography and societal demands expanded, the topics in The Etude magazine (first published in 1883) took on such important issues as women in music; immigration; transportation; Native American and African American composers and their music; World War I and II; public schools; new technologies (sound recordings, radio, and television); and modern music (jazz, gospel, blues, early 20th century composers) in addition to regular book reviews, teaching advice, interviews, biographies, and advertisements. Though a valued source particularly for private music teachers, with the de-emphasis on the professional elite and the decline in salon music, the magazine ceased publication in 1957. This Index to the articles in The Etude serves as a companion to E. Douglas Bomberger's 2004 publication on the music in The Etude. Published a little over fifty years after the final issue reached the public, this Index chronicles vocal and instrumental technique, composer biographies, position openings, department store orchestras, the design of a successful music studio, how to play an accordion, recital programs in music schools, and much more. The Index is a valuable tool for research, particularly in the music culture of American in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With titles of these articles available, the doors are now open for further research in the years to come.