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Archiv Frau und Musik threatened with closure

From the AIBM-L, the mailing list of the German IAML branch, we have learned that the Archiv Frau und Musik is facing a drastic cut in funding that would threaten the future of this valuable archive.

The Archiv Frau und Musik, located in Frankfurt, Germany, is an important research center and the only one of its kind worldwide. It has been receiving funding from the City of Frankfurt, but this support is slated to be cut beginning in 2014. There is an online petition to show your support for the archive's work:

Europäische Musikbörse/European Musical Exchange Platform

Ein neues Projekt des Deutschen Musikrates in Kooperation mit dem Goethe Institut und dem European Music Council, die Europäische Musikbörse (link is external).

Zitat von Prof. Folz aus dem Vorwort der Europäischen Musikbörse: "Sie ist ein europaweites Netzwerk für Laienmusiker, Orchester und Chöre die überregionale Verbindungen und Kontakte suchen.

Sie macht aufmerksam auf regional geprägte Festivals, Musikwettbewerbe und -kurse in allen europäischen Ländern.

AIBM Conference 10-13 September 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the annual conference with the German national branch, AIBM. The conference took place in Universität der Künste, Berlin 10-13 September. I was very impressed by the programme and the meeting was excellently organized. There were no fewer than 190 delegates – about 50 of whom were Berliners. AIBM is the biggest national branch within IAML, with around 230 members. It is also one of the oldest. AIBM was founded 1953 – the same year as the Swedish and UK & Ireland branches.

Congratulations to AIBM Deutschland!

Dear All,

I am delighted to let you all know that it is the 60th anniversary of AIBM Deutschland. Hearty congratulations to all members of this wonderful IAML national branch, one of the largest and most active in our association. Its activities and accomplishments in the service of music librarianship over all these years are recognized and highly appreciated.


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