Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries branch


The Broadcasting and Orchestra Libraries Branch exists to provide an opportunity for the sharing of information between members who work in these categories of library. Our sessions at the conferences always include a visit to a local broadcasting, orchestral or opera library, and a members' working session gives the opportunity to raise issues of concern to our branch, offer support and share information. Recent issues raised have been cataloguing software, hire tariffs, copyright law, the effect of computer technology on the employment of copyists and collaborative initiatives within countries.

The open session often includes presentations by a major music publisher, usually covering the subject of music hire, and by a local member who speaks about their own library, and matters of concern to them. We have also heard recently about the work of composer institutes (Martinu) and of MOLA, with whom we continue to foster close links.


Branch Officers

Chair: Nienke De Boer  (Holland Symfonia, Haarlem)
Vice-Chair: Peter Linnitt
Secretary: Lena Nettelbladt


Branch Activities


Past officers

Officers 2008 - 2011:
Angela Escott, UK (chair) - Jutta Lambrecht, Germany (vice-chair) - Sabina Benelli, Italy (secretary)

Officers 2005 - 2008:
Jutta Lambrecht, Germany (chair) - Martie Severt, Netherlands (vice-chair) - Angela Escott, UK (secretary)

Officers 2002 - 2005:
Jutta Lambrecht, Germany (chair) - Peter Linnitt, UK (vice-chair) - Henry Larsson, Sweden (secretary)

Officers 1999 - 2002:
Kauko Karjalainen, Finland (chair) - Wynne Cole, New Zealand (vice-chair) - Marco Feklistoff, Sweden (secretary)