IAML logo

A new IAML logo was unveiled in March 2016.  The designer was Anja Waldmann (Germany). A statement about the logo's design can be read here.

The new IAML logo is available in various sizes and formats including those for print use and can be supplied to any national branch that wants to display it.

JPEG version in two sizes are available here. If you need a different version please contact the web team.

Any national branch logos that incorporate the old IAML logo have no need to change. Whether or not a branch logo should be updated is the business only of the national branch.

All national branches are encouraged to display the new IAML logo on their website and in their publications showing that we are all part of the wider association.

Rules for use

The IAML logo may only be used in its unaltered state. It is not permitted to change any of the the colours, shapes, proportions or the embedded IAML text, or to embed additional text or shapes.

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