Russia, report 2007

During the period after the Göteborg Conference, a considerable amount of work has been done by the IAML Russian Branch.

Informational materials were submitted to RILM, RIPM and RISM on time, as in previous years.

Several meetings between branch members have been held: In September 2006, the 140th anniversary of the Taneev Library of the Moscow Conservatoire was celebrated and, within its framework, a one-day conference was held. Together with representatives of Russian libraries, some IAML members also attended the jubilee: Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Pam Thompson, Joachim Jaenecke, Pia Shekhter, and Ilvi Rauna. In February 2007, we had a regular International Conference Russian music archive abroad; foreign music archives in Russia; Elizabeth Davis (Columbia University, USA) taking part in its work. In May 2007, a Congress of the Russian Library Association was held in the town of Bryansk, during which there were two sessions of the Music Library Section (IAML Russian Branch). These sessions were attended by dozens of the Section’s members. The theme of the sessions was a description of music manuscripts and rarities as well as presentation them in a virtual form.

IAML Russian Branch has occupied itself with preparation for the IAML Congress to be held in Moscow in 2010. Necessary talks have been conducted and financial support agreement achieved with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The circle of libraries that will participate in preparation work for the Congress has been broadened.

It is necessary to mention some changes that are happening with music departments of Russian town public libraries. Many of them, unfortunately, are not members of IAML. However, now they often possess good premises and use modern technologies. Additionally, good professionals work there who are devoted to their business and love it very much.

Emilia Rassina
IAML - Russian