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Stanley Sadie (1930–2005): A Remembrance


Stanley Sadie“When, in 1969, my colleagues and I began to lay our plans, we thought of the work we were preparing as the sixth edition of the dictionary first prepared by Sir George Grove...As time and work went on, however, it became clear that we were producing not a new edition but a new dictionary”—Stanley Sadie, “Preface to the 1980 Edition”, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (London: Macmillan, 2001), xi.

Happy 90th Birthday, Pierre Boulez!


File:Pierre Boulez (1968).jpgToday, 26th March we offer our congratulations to Pierre Boulez who has reached the venerable age of 90.
Better known as a conductor than a composer Boulez was born in 1925 in Montbrison, Loire, France. Having initially studied mathematics he arrived at the conservatoire in Paris at the age of 19 intent on studying music. At the conservatoire he had the immense good fortune to study with Olivier Messiaen – the only teacher at that time to introduce music by members of the Second Viennese School, Bartók and Varèse that was completely unknown under the Nazi occupation suppression of 'degenerate' music.

Congratulations to Jane Gottlieb, MLA 2015 Citation Award Recipient


For over thirty years, she has promoted the interests of the users of music libraries through publications, advocacy, and tireless work in many roles within the Music Library Association, among them Member-at-Large, Development Officer, Program Chair, President, recipient of the Special Achievement Award for Plan 2001, ALA Representative, Local Arrangements Co-Chair, and Editor of Notes.  Within the International Association of Music Libraries she has been active in its professional branches and—as President of IAML’s US Branch—she was an early advocate for the merging of IAML and MLA.  As the Vice President for Library and Information Resources at The Juilliard School, she has fostered the development of the Lila Acheson Wallace Library as a major performing arts research collection and has worked with her administration to secure the best possible facilities for the collection’s housing and use.  Through her labor and leadership, she has enhanced the prestige of the profession of music librarianship and has come to embody the purposes of this Association.

Update from the IAML President


On this St. Patrick’s Day, New York City is filled with revelers, people marching in parade down Fifth Avenue (a tradition since 1762), and bars serving green beer. What better day to send an update about the activities of our Association?

Update from the Web Team


The Web Team is going full steam ahead with plans for the new website! On May 15, we hope to present you with an attractive, new international IAML website with a more modern look that will be easier to navigate. Until then, we will be concentrating our efforts on the design and layout of the new website, so we ask for your understanding that news on the current IAML website and social media platforms will not be updated with the same frequency as before.


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